Franchise Revenue Potential

Franchise Revenue Matrix

Revenue varies based on Academy size, attendance, billing rate, capacity, etc. The chart below provides a general guideline for understanding the potential gross revenue your franchise could produce based on the listed assumptions.





Small 100 Children




Medium 150 Children




Large 200 Children




Material Assumptions in the Development of the Revenue Matrix

Mix of Age Groups

The rate charged for children of different ages varies, the younger children are charged a higher rate than the older as the child to caregiver ratios are lower with younger children and thus require high rates to cover the increased cost. The matrix is based on:

  • 12% Infants
  • 18% Toddlers
  • 34% Junior Preschool
  • 36% Senior Preschool

Rate per Child

The following is the assumed rates charged for each of the age groups.

  • Infants $65/day
  • Toddlers $50/day
  • Junior Preschool $45/day
  • Senior Preschool $45/day

The franchise location will determine the rate that can be supported for a specific franchise. It varies greatly by province and geographic area.

Number of Billable Days per Year

Typically a franchise will have 261 billable days per year.

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