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The Willowbrae Academy franchise began in Halifax, NS in spring 2011. Fast forward to fall 2017… fifteen franchises have opened their doors across Canada, including three in NS, five in ON, two in AB, & three in BC. We asked our franchisees and corporate leaders why the growth of the Willowbrae franchise took a major upswing in 2015.


Q: Why is childcare a strong fit for the franchise model?

A: “Child care is an interesting business, it can be a lucrative and predictable revenue model but navigating the policies and regulations that govern child care is daunting. Willowbrae’s fine tuned franchise support program removes the red-tape for franchisees.” says Susan Gaspar, Corporate Director of Franchise Development.

Q: Why has the franchise grown so much since 2015?

A: “Willowbrae has established itself as a high quality child care brand with a model that works, there is knowledgeable support through every stage of the franchise development. We have fine tuned and improved every aspect of our start up and ongoing support processes with the goal of creating successful long term partnerships with our franchisees. The demand for child care is growing in each community and there are endless opportunities for Willowbrae to continue to grow, innovate and improve our model within this space.” {Read Susan's whole interview > }


Q: Why did you chose Willowbrae as a franchise partner?

A: “Willowbrae is a well established brand in the Canadian Child Care Industry. Choosing Willowbrae was the best move to run a quality child care centre in our community.” - Johnny Gao, Owner of Willowbrae Academy Bayview. {Read Johnny’s whole interview >}

A: “We researched our options carefully when we were looking for a child care business. Willowbrae’s name stood out from all other child care franchises in many ways. They were very responsive to our questions and clear about the financial model. Long before we invested we knew what to expect. We have joined a genuine family thriving to be the best child care provider in Canada.” - Franchisees Gulcin Pektas & Bora Oz own Academies in North Vancouver and Evanston, Calgary. {Read Gulchin & Bora’s whole interview >}

Q: How was the start-up experience?

A: “Corporate support in early candidate screening and interviewing for key staff including Director’s position is highly valuable. Willowbrae has a great system in place to support Franchise owners. The training for Directors is also an important element of Willowbrae’s success. Our Director in our North Vancouver Academy quoted as: “Willowbrae’s corporate training is second to none”.” - Franchisees Gulcin Pektas & Bora Oz own Academies in North Vancouver and Evanston, Calgary. {Read Gulchin & Bora’s whole interview >}

Q: Now that you are open, how do you find the support from the corporate team?

A: “The corporate team provided me with a whole bunch of marketing ideas and they helped me in selecting the most effective strategy for the ongoing marketing campaign. Their web marketing program really works. We get detailed reports on the performance of the SEO and Facebook program every month. The corporate team also assisted me in designing print materials such as postcards, open house signs, etc.” Johnny Gao, Owner of Willowbrae Academy Bayview. {Read Johnny’s whole interview >}

Grand Opening of Willowbrae Academy - North York, Toronto
Celebrating an anniversary at Willowbrae Academy - Timberlea
Grand Opening

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