Why Willowbrae Academy


The Willowbrae Academy team has worked hard to differentiate our brand from other brands and opportunities. Our network of entrepreneurial CEOs along with our Willowbrae team are continually suggesting new ideas to improve our system. We believe the greatest asset is the quality of our people, and we encourage everyone to participate in process improvement. The following outlines many of the great programs and systems we have developed for our franchise.


SEEDS represents what we do to ensure delivery of high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. We believe it is what truly differentiates Willowbrae from all other childcare providers. Willowbrae SEEDS is a proprietary program designed by Willowbrae Academy that sets a new standard for delivering high-quality childcare. The S E E D S acronym reflects the five unique areas that Willowbrae Academy focuses on: S = Standards of Excellence, E = Education & Resources, E = Exercise & Life Skills, D = Delivery & Operation and S = Safety & Security. For more details, visit our main web site here.



Our franchise looks for great entrepreneurs that have the business experience to grow and build a business. We help the franchisee hire an experienced childcare Director and provide the management tools and real-time metrics to ensure the franchisee has detailed knowledge of what is going on within the business. This business model ensures that the Director can focus on mentoring and managing staff, operational management, and delivering excellence in early childhood education, while the franchisee can focus on mentoring the Director with business management and fiscal responsibilities.



At Willowbrae Academy, we believe in making each day a unique learning experience for the children in our care. Willowbrae Academy's proprietary Learning Tree contains our learning philosophy, areas, and roots. Our programs are based on three methods of learning: Emergent, High Scope, and Montessori. For more details, visit our main web site here.


Open communication between parents and Willowbrae staff is fundamental to the success of a child’s care. When parents and teachers work together and form a positive, open line of communication, children will receive the finest childcare possible. At Willowbrae, we have developed several avenues of communication to ensure that parents are always aware of what their child is doing while in our care. Our proprietary Braeview Software is reinventing how parent communication is delivered. For more details visit our main web site here.



Our comprehensive training program is a key benefit of Willowbrae Academy franchise ownership. We provide a detailed, thorough training program, that includes all aspects of start-up, operations, employee management and systems implementation. The Willowbrae Academy culture is one of training, mentoring and coaching, and continuous improvement.



Our start-up team and corporate support team have numerous years of business experience and have opened numerous Willowbrae Academy franchises. We have extensive business processes to guide CEO’s through all phases.



At Willowbrae Academy, we understand creative play is important for young children. We have developed Creative Kids, a unique program exclusive to our Academies, to meet these needs. Children learn about the world around them by looking at, listening to, and touching their surroundings. The goal of Willowbrae Creative Kids is to provide an environment that exposes children to a creative environment through participation in artistic and cultural activities. For more details visit our main web site here


School Ready Program

Willowbrae Academy’s school ready program is designed primarily for pre-schoolers. The school ready program focuses on skills that prepare and develop school readiness for pre-schoolers.


KidFit BodyBreak

Willowbrae Academy understands that building a solid foundation for healthy living is extremely important. We believe that if children learn healthy habits at an early age, they have these habits for life. Healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating and physical activity, can significantly lower the risk of adverse health effects. Healthy children are more likely to grow into healthy adults.
One of the best strategies for raising healthy children is to improve a child’s diet and physical activity, while educating them about the importance of making positive choices. Willowbrae has partnered with Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod of BodyBreak, to develop BodyBreak KID FIT. BodyBreak KID FIT is a healthy-living initiative designed to educate both children and their parents about the importance of daily physical activity, rest & sleep, healthy food choices, and other positive lifestyle habits. For more details, visit our main web site here.



Our marketing strategy contains demographics data to ensure we can assist the franchisee target market specific groups and areas. We use a combination of social media, print media, community events, academy open houses and printed media to ensure the community is aware of Willowbrae and the great programs we offer. Our sign-up rate for parents that have completed a Director led tour is extremely high.


Quality Assurance Program

Willowbrae Quality Assurance (QA) is used to ensure Willowbrae Academies meet or exceed quality standards and support the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of our children. While every state/province has a licensing agency that oversees regulations, our Academies are also required to fulfill our own extensive QA Review. Willowbrae QA provides the foundation for the highest quality childcare programs, focusing on childcare professionals, programs & activities, health & safety, services, and quality relationships.


Infrastructure and Technology

Our infrastructure and security is enterprise grade and was designed and built by an experienced team of IT professionals. Willowbrae Academy uses biometric access control, high definition security cameras, and many other leading edge technologies to ensure we can monitor and control access to our Academies. We have partnered with Cisco certified engineers to ensure our data and applications are safe and secure. Our entire network is built on state of the art cloud based technology and is managed and updated remotely by our corporate IT team.


Revenue Predictability

Predictable Revenue is creating consistency year-over-year with revenue and business growth based on a formulaic process. That way, you're "predicting" how much "revenue" your business is going to consistently generate. Willowbrae Academy has created a suite of tools to baseline planned revenue and track actuals for current and future revenue with real time data. This gives the franchisee great insight into current and future business performance.


Social Responsibility

Willowbrae Academy has built an ethical framework which acts to benefit society at large. Our social responsibility must ensure we maintain a balance between the economic development of the business and the welfare of the children we provide childcare for.


Start-up Methodology

Willowbrae Academy has a five-phased methodology for opening and optimizing childcare service and revenue. Phases are: due diligence, academy design, academy build, academy opens and optimize. For more details visit Our Approach page here.

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